Our Team


Here at our surgery we have a highly skilled team of professionals.


From when you first walk in, you will find Lisa on reception. Lisa is our Head of Administration and has been with us for over five years  providing the warmth and welcome you deserve.


Priya is our freshest team member as Lead Hygiene Therapist and has been with the team for over two years now. She brings a wealth of experience and has a natural ability to create calm and comfort in the 'chair'.


And of course, we wouldn't be a Dental Surgery without Andrew Wood, The Dentist. Andrew has been operating for over 20 years, 13 in the current location. His extensive experience, good humour, commitment to patients and non-judgemental attitude make him a stand-out in the industry.

  • Our Dental Work  

    Dr Andrew Wood is a graduate of the University of Queensland Dental School with over 20 years comprehensive dental experience. He heads a dedicated team focused on tailoring dental treatment to suit the individual.


    Good dental health is not only a destination but also a journey.


    Dentistry without judgement.  Good dental health is about more than just looking good. Poor dental health is a proven contributor to coronary heart disease, diabetes and other general health complications,  as well as discomfort and loss of dental function.  Problems can come in many forms and our practice sees its role as hearing what is important to you and working out a plan to help you achieve it.

    Few people are born with a “Hollywood” smile naturally. Come in and let us know your concerns and we will evaluate your options giving you the information you need to make an informed decision.


    Excellence in all aspects of dental engineering including bite diagnosis.


    Dr Andrew Wood (B.D.Sc.(Qld))

    Member of ADA

    Member of ADAVB

    Member of Melbourne Seattle Study Club.


    The Seattle Study Club is an advanced educational organization with both national and international clinicians at the cutting edge of dental innovation dedicated to raising the level at which the dental profession is practiced.

  • Our Dental Hygiene Department  

    Why do we have a separate department for hygiene?


    The Dental Therapist is in effect an in-house hygiene specialist. They undertake a 3 year course in order to be able to fulfil a number of roles. Some of the main responsibilities are:


    * scaling and polishing of teeth

    * evaluation and care of the health of gum tissue

    * taking of x-rays

    * an educational role in hygiene techniques

    * advice on aspects of diet, lifestyle and/or medical conditions that can affect oral health

    * application of preventative agents such as fissure sealants and fluoride

    * sometimes fillings



    The Dental Therapist fulfils a major role in the preventative side of dental care and works with the dentist to provide well-rounded treatment to maintain optimal oral health.


    Regular visits with our Hygienists will be recommended to maintain good gum and oral health. The frequency of these appointments will depend on your individual circumstances and specific periodontal and dental needs.


    Priya Holland B.O.H. Qld is our lead Hygiene Therapist. She has a Bachelor of Oral Health and is a graduate of The University of Queensland Dental Hygiene/Dental Therapy Course. Priya brings to the practice extensive skills in hygiene management and is able to meet the diagnostic and restorative needs of our patients of all ages.

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