Your Teeth and the Reasons Why We are Here for You

  • New Patient Exams 

    The first thing you will notice when seeing us initially is that we have a non-judgemental attitude to dentistry - we are on your side and are here to help you achieve your optimal smile.


    X-Rays - Using dental radiographs, your dentist can detect problems that may not be seen during a routine examination, and sometimes before symptoms appear. Radiographs are often necessary before procedures such as root canal treatment, tooth extraction, placement of crowns and bridges etc. Information from the radiograph assists your dentist in planning the procedure. Modern dental practices have greatly reduced the risks once associated with x-rays.  X-ray equipment must comply with an Australian Standard and dentists follow strict guidelines.

  • Implants 

    Denture Stabilisation - Mini implants can prove a cost effective and less surgical option for denture stabilization.  We work closely with several dental prosthetists to have you eating your favourite foods and feeling confident again.

    Implants - There is no doubt that implants are the way of the future and they are here right now. There are many products out there but we believe we use the best in the field for long-term success.  Conventional implants are used to replace natural teeth and fill gaps for both a functional solution and great cosmetic result.

  • Cosmetic 

    We understand that a brilliant smile is a key part to a confident you. We perform high detailed and top quality Cosmetic Dental Care. Including tooth whitening options (we cater for both In-clinic and Out-of-clinic whitening options), Veneers, Bonding, Ceramic Inlays, Onlays and Crowns. Not sure what you need? Come in for a consultation.

  • Hygiene 

    Gum Disease – In the early stages of gum disease bacteria in plaque and calculus can cause an inflammation in the gums called gingivitis.  Gingivitis can usually be treated successfully by removal of the plaque and calculus, followed by gentle but thorough cleaning and regular maintenance. The more advanced stage of gum disease, called periodontitis, can cause serious damage to teeth and gums, and the bone that supports the teeth.  As gum disease inflammation and infection get worse, pockets form between gum and teeth resulting in teeth becoming loose, falling out or requiring extraction. Periodontal treatment will stop or slow down the progression of gum disease.


    Electric toothbrushes -  although the use of any toothbrush is far preferable to not using one, we highly recommend the use of an electric toothbrush.  Superior plaque removal leads to greater oral health.  We stock Oral-B.  Talk to the front desk about your options.


    Dental Hygiene in Women – During puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, breast feeding and menopause, fluctuating levels of female hormones can cause swelling and changes to the gums and increase the risk of tooth and gum diseases.  Hormone medications such as the contraceptive pill and HRT, as well as other prescription and non-prescription medications, can also play a role in oral health.  Regular hygiene visits and checkups will help monitor and maintain good oral health.

  • Maintenance 

    Fissure Sealants – Fissures are the grooves that naturally occur on the biting surfaces of the teeth predominantly in the molars and premolars, or grinding teeth.  Some fissures are very deep and narrow and toothbrush bristles are unable to clean out the food particles attracting bacteria, making plaque and leading to decay.  A fissure is 5 times more likely to develop decay and excessively deep, narrow fissures even more so.  In such a case fissure seals will be recommended as a preventative treatment.  Treatment is painless and non-invasive, with a coat of paint applied to a cleaned tooth.  The liquid sets in minutes and forms a physical barrier against food, bacteria and plaque acids.  If detected very early, tooth decay can sometimes be treated with a fissure sealant instead of a filling.


    Bruxism, clenching & grinding - Bruxism, clenching & grinding can lead to excessive wear on the teeth and may cause permanent damage to the teeth and the jaw joints.  It can occur day or night and the causes of bruxism are still being studied.  The signs and symptoms of bruxism, clenching & grinding vary according to the nature, frequency, duration and strength of the behaviour.  Pain and sensitivity of the teeth, facial pain and headaches, worn, fractured or loose teeth and jaw joint issues may all result.  The dentist will talk to you about a diagnosis of bruxism and discuss treatment options and possible behavioural changes to help manage the problem, and repair of any damage that may be done.

  • Children 

    Your child’s first teeth (also called primary or baby teeth) fulfil a vital role in allowing your child to chew and speak properly and to reserve the space for the eruption of permanent teeth.  As such they require daily care and regular visits to the dental therapist or dentist to monitor the health and development of your child’s mouth.

    Should your child develop “Early childhood cavities”, without treatment they may develop toothache, infection and dental abscess, and lose teeth too early.  We encourage you to bring your child in with you as early as you feel comfortable to for your hygiene and check-up visits in order that they may experience “going to the dentist” as a positive experience.

  • Surgery 

    Unlike many other dental offices, we are fully qualified and equipped to conduct Implant placement, Extractions (including multiples where required) and surgical extractions - including wisdom teeth.

  • Restorative 

    We undertake all forms of typical restorative dental works. Composite resin direct restorations (Fillings), Ceramic Inlays, Onlays and Crowns, Root Canal, Gold Crowns. We were the leading users in Australia of Operating Microscope in General Practice for high quality accurate dentistry.

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