Fissure Sealants
Fissures are the grooves that naturally occur on the biting surfaces of the teeth predominantly in the molars and pre-molars or grinding teeth. Some fissures are very deep and narrow and toothbrush bristles are unable to clean out the food particles attracting bacteria, making plaque and leading to decay. A fissure is 5 times more likely to develop decay and excessively deep, narrow fissures even more so. In such a case, fissure seals are recommended as a preventative treatment. Treatment is painless and non-invasive, with a coat of resin applied to a cleaned tooth.  This resin forms a physical barrier against food, bacteria and plaque acids. If detected very early, tooth decay can sometimes be treated with a fissure sealant instead of a filling.

Tooth Extraction
Andrew is fully qualified and equipped to conduct extractions including wisdom teeth. Multiple extractions for dentures can be done without going to hospital.

Bruxism, Clenching and Grinding
Bruxism, clenching and grinding can lead to excessive wear on the teeth and may cause permanent damage to the teeth and the jaw joints. It can occur day or night and the many causes of bruxism are still being studied. The signs and symptoms of bruxism, clenching and grinding vary according to the nature, frequency, duration and strength of the behaviour. While some people are unaware of their habit, others suffer pain and sensitivity of the teeth, facial pain and headaches, worn, fractured or loose teeth and jaw joint issues may all result. Andrew can talk to you about a diagnosis of bruxism and discuss treatment options and possible behavioural changes to help manage the problem, and repair of any damage that may be done.