New Patient Examinations

The first thing you will notice when seeing us is that we have a non-judgemental attitude to dentistry. For your first appointment we will undertake a thorough examination providing care and attention to your concerns and oral healthcare needs.

Using dental x-rays, your dentist can detect problems that may not be seen during a routine examination, and sometimes before symptoms appear. X-rays are often necessary before procedures such as root canal treatment, tooth extraction, placement of crowns and bridges etc. Information from the x-ray assists your dentist in planning the procedure. Modern dental practices have greatly reduced the risks once associated with x-rays.

X-ray equipment must comply with strict Australian Standards and dentists follow strict guidelines. Advancement in technology have made access to highly informative imaging achievable. OPG’s and CBCT’s are types of x-rays that allow your dentist to visualise specific anatomical elements that relate to your dentition to guide effective decision making in accurately planning for your individual treatment.

Digital photographs can prove to be a vital diagnostic and communication tool.  Photographs are often taken during an examination as part of forming and discussing your customised treatment plan.

Treatment Plans
After a thorough evaluation of all your individual requirements a customised treatment plan can be prepared with options to meet your specific needs.

Payment plan options available.